107+ Best September Puns to Leaf You Laughing

As the leaves begin to change their hues and a gentle crispness tinges the air, September arrives with its unique charm. A month that signals the transition from summer to fall, September offers us a treasure trove of opportunities for lighthearted humor and puns that are sure to bring smiles to faces.

Whether you’re cozying up with a pumpkin spice latte or taking long walks through rustling leaves, incorporating September-themed puns into your conversations can add a touch of wit and playfulness. This article is your ultimate guide to September puns that will have you autumn-atically laughing your way through the month.

What are September Puns & When/Where to Use Them?

September puns are clever wordplays centered around the events, traditions, and feelings associated with the ninth month of the year. These puns infuse everyday conversations with a dash of humor, making them perfect for casual chats, social media captions, or even as icebreakers at gatherings. Whether you’re welcoming the equinox, celebrating Labor Day, or simply embracing the fall season, September puns are versatile and can be used in a wide range of contexts.

Best Short September Puns

  • “I’m falling for September’s charm.”
  • “Leaves aren’t the only things falling; my love for September is too.”
  • “Feeling sept-tacular as autumn arrives!”
  • “Turning over a new leaf this September.”
  • “September is ‘pumpkin’ out the good vibes.”
  • “September: the month of cozy sweaters and warmer hearts.”
  • “Sweater weather and pumpkin everything? That’s my September anthem.”
  • “Chasing dreams and leaves this September.”
  • “Leaves may fall, but my spirits rise in September.”
  • “Fall-ing in love with September’s colors.”
  • “September’s here to ‘autumn-tically’ delight us.”
  • “Embracing September like a warm cup of cocoa.”
  • “I’m ‘hay’ppy it’s September!”
  • “September’s got me ‘leaf’-ing all my worries behind.”
  • “Bringing in September with open arms and cozy scarves.”
  • “September, you’re a-maize-ing!”
  • “Savoring September one apple cider at a time.”
  • “September’s got me falling head over heels.”
  • “Enjoying the ‘harvest’ of September’s delights.”
  • “September’s like a second spring, where leaves bloom in color.”
  • “Ready to ‘tackle’ September with a smile.”
  • “September’s like a symphony of falling leaves.”
  • “In September, every day is a ‘corn’-ucopia of joy.”
  • “September: where the colors change, and so does my wardrobe.”
One-Liner Puns on September

One-Liner Puns on September

  • “September: the month that leaves summer in the dust.”
  • “I’m feeling ‘sep-terrific’ this September!”
  • “It’s time to ‘fall’ in line with September’s rhythm.”
  • “My favorite ’ember’ is September!”
  • “September’s like a crisp high-five from nature.”
  • “Leaves may leave, but September stays in our hearts.”
  • “Saying goodbye to August blues and saying hello to September hues.”
  • “In September, my jokes are ‘un-be-leaf-able.'”
  • “Autumn arrives, and so does my pun game for September.”
  • “September: the month that’s ‘a-maize-ing’ in every way.”
  • “September’s like a fresh breath of pumpkin spice.”
  • “Don’t ‘leaf’ September out of your laughter arsenal.”
  • “Embrace September – it’s ‘punny’ business as usual.”
  • “September: where humor ‘falls’ in perfect timing.”
  • “Leaf it to September to bring on the giggles.”
  • “Feeling ‘pump’-ed up for September’s arrival!”
  • “Autumn may be leaf-ing, but September’s just leaf-ing.”
  • “September: the month of apple-y ever after.”
  • “From August to September, the pun game ‘falls’ into place.”
  • “I’m in a ‘rake’ of laughter all September long.”
  • “September’s like a ‘hay’-ride of humor.”
  • “September’s the time to let your ‘pun’derful side shine.”

Funny Puns for September

  • “September: the month that turns leaves into comedians.”
  • “Why did the leaf blush? Because it saw the September colors!”
  • “My September plans? Leaf-ing everything behind and enjoying fall.”
  • “What did the scarecrow say to September? ‘You’ve got me in stitches!'”
  • “My dog’s favorite month? Bark-tember, of course!”
  • “Why was the math book sad in September? It had too many problems.”
  • “September: when I start ‘fall’-ing for dad jokes.”
  • “Why did the calendar go to therapy in September? It had too many issues.”
  • “Leaves in September are a lot like jokes – they ‘leaf’ you smiling.”
  • “I told my friend a fall joke in September. They’re still ‘fall’-ing over laughing!”
  • “Why did the scarecrow win an award in September? He was outstanding in his field!”
  • “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Autumn. Autumn who? Autumn leaves are falling, and so are my pun!”
  • “My favorite type of math? Leaf calculus – perfect for September!”
  • “Why did the leaf go to the doctor in September? It had a case of ‘fall’-ing down!”
  • “What do you call a September tree that loves to dance? Hip-hop-trees!”
  • “Why did the pumpkin get promoted in September? It had gourd work ethics!”
  • “September’s like a comedy show by Mother Nature – leaves dropping their best punchlines.”
  • “What do you call a leaf that’s always in a hurry? A ‘rush’-ing leaf in September!”
  • “Why did the squirrel wear a helmet in September? To protect its ‘nut’-ural instincts!”
  • “September: when I leaf my serious side behind and dive into laughter.”
  • “Why did the apple turn to the pear for advice in September? It had trust issues with oranges!”
  • “Leaf me alone in September – I’m too busy enjoying pun and fall vibes!”
  • “What’s a scarecrow’s favorite type of music in September? Hip-hop – it’s all about the ‘hay’-tunes!
Best Short September Puns

Best Puns About September

  • “September: the month that leaves a trail of laughter behind.”
  • “Fall-ing in love with September, one pun at a time.”
  • “September’s like a pun playground – every leaf is a punchline.”
  • “Why did September break up with August? It needed someone with more fall-vor!”
  • “Leaf it to September to bring out my inner comedian.”
  • “September: where laughter and leaves are the best accessories.”
  • “What’s September’s favorite type of dance? The ‘jig’ of joy!”
  • “Embracing September with open arms and pun-derful spirits.”
  • “Why did the leaf enroll in school in September? It wanted to get a-leaf of its education!”
  • “September’s like a pun buffet – taste and enjoy!”
  • “Leaves may fall, but pun will always rise to the occasion in September.”
  • “September: where the punchlines are as colorful as the leaves.”
  • “Why did the squirrel become a comedian in September? It had a knack for ‘nut’ty humor!”
  • “September’s like a ‘pun’tastic adventure waiting to be discovered.”
  • “Pun-demonium hits its peak in September – leaf no pun unturned!”
  • “Why did the leaf bring a suitcase to September? It was ready for a ‘fall’ vacation!”
  • “September’s like a symphony of giggles and rustling leaves.”
  • “Embrace September: where pun and pumpkin spice unite for ultimate delight.”


In a world that often moves at a hurried pace, September gives us a chance to slow down and relish the simple pleasures of life – from the beauty of changing leaves to the warmth of shared laughter. By incorporating these 107+ puns into your September conversations, you’re not only spreading joy but also celebrating the spirit of the season. Whether you’re leaf-ing a little humor in your texts, tweets, or chats, these puns will undoubtedly bring smiles and chuckles.

So, as the month unfolds and the leaves tumble gracefully, let your wit shine and your laughter ring. And remember, this collection of September puns is just the beginning! For more puns, jokes, and light-hearted content, visit our website. Because, after all, a good laugh is like the September breeze – refreshing, invigorating, and always welcome. Happy punning and happy September, dear readers!

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